Often times what is believed to be a roof leak actually turns out to be a window or wall leak which are issues that would be addressed by our Waterproofing Department. Our Waterproofing experts have worked on almost every building in southeast Texas and are known throughout the trade for their specialties in the services listed below. The attention to detail and investigative nature of a Waterproofing Project Manager is essential in locating where leaks originate and stopping the leak from reoccurring in the future.

Liqua Tech can protect your building’s envelope from water infiltration and will work with you to decide on the best solution for your specific situation.

Caulking & Glazing
• Wet Seal Glazing
• Window frame perimeters
• Expansion and control joints
• Mechanical Joints
• Wide Expansion Joint Systems
• Leak Repairs
• Maintenance Programs

Concrete & Masonry Repair
• Brick Replacement
• Thru-Wall Flashing
• Installation of Expansion & Control Joints
• Crack Repair
• Tuck Pointing
• Spall Repair & Patching
• Epoxy & Urethane Injection
• Parking Garage Repairs

• Elastomeric Coating
• Urethane & Epoxy Deck Coatings
• Clear Water Repellents &   Penetrating Sealers
• Pedestrian Deck Coatings

Other Services
• Water Testing
• Below Grade Waterproofing
• Chemical Cleaning
• Hot & Cold Pressure Washing
• Hydro Mowing for Horizontal   Surfaces